Residential Architecture

The design of the custom residence provides the most interesting challenges for an architectural firm.  Our responsibility as architects is always to comprehend the needs and desires of our clients, their particular aspirations and personality and then weave these all together into a singular designed home.  As every individual and their family is unique, so follows the design of the home in which they choose to live.

The process of design involves thorough and careful study of client program, the activities of the families, their patterns and interactions.  These forces are brought directly to bear upon creation of the plan, in concert with the physical qualities of the site, integral to the environment, the appropriate expression in materials and relationship to client budget.

This is the core and heart of our philosophy and approach to architecture--an application of a natural approach to architecture.  Frank Lloyd Wright called this "organic architecture "--wherein the house "aims to be a natural performance, one that is integral to site; integral to environment; integral to the life of the inhabitants.  A house integral with the nature of materials--wherein glass is used as glass, stone as stone, wood as wood--and all the elements of environment go into and throughout the house.  Into this new integrity, once there, those who live in it will take root and grow.  And most of all belonging by nature to the nature of its being."

Aaron G. Green Associates intend to extend these principles through the continuity of their own honest efforts towards an organic architecture.

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Aaron G. Green Associates offers broad experience with a variety of housing types including government housing, multi-unit residential, senior, and student housing.

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