Profile of Firm

Aaron G. Green Associates is a comprehensive design and service-oriented business dedicated to architectural craftsmanship. The firm offers the traditional palette of Basic Services for Architects, yet we extend ourselves further than most in our ability to offer “in-house” capability to perform various special services which are normally handled by “outside” consultants for the project. These include Master Planning, Space Programming, Interior Design, Custom Casework Design, Special Equipment Design, Color and Furnishing selection, Landscape Design, Environmental Graphic Design, model building, and presentation renderings. These disciplines are employed to produce a unified harmonious result that is aesthetically satisfying, as well as more easily discernible and understood by its users and the community at large.

In 2001, the office of Aaron G. Green Associates celebrated it 50th year in continuous service providing our clients with dedicated professional architectural and planning services. It was a sobering time as well, as June of that year marked the passing of our founding principal, the gifted Aaron Green, FAIA. Aaron Green represented the embodiment of a complete Architect and creative individual, a complement to his mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright. His efforts were tireless and accomplishments innumerous to mention in any brief. Three years later, the firm continues and flourishes, inspired by Aaron’s tireless belief and faith in an Architecture based upon rational design principles, appropriate use of construction technology, and humanistic values can serve to positively enhance the quality of individual’s lives.

In that respect, the firm of Aaron G. Green Associates now continues to build upon our legacy, developing an architecture based upon principles established and practiced by such antecedents. If we have a specialty, it is the ability to create uniquely original, thoughtful and functional design solutions to challenging problems, whether they be influenced by complexities of building program, client needs and site conditions or restrictions of budget. There has never been an emphasis on any particular building type, which suits our strength to create afresh as befits the project and challenge.

Our team of Associates are seasoned professionals with 10 to 35 years of real experience in the design and construction of a wide variety of public, municipal, religious, educational, and residential projects. These are unique, successful solutions which continue to serve the needs of each Owner, as well as the community, and have withstood the test of time.

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