Philosophy of Practice

For over fifty years, Aaron Green Associates has cultivated a professional dedication to an architecture that can exert an important, positive influence on the individual’s working and living environment by the innovative quality of design for each project undertaken.

An important guiding concept of the firm is that fine architecture must first suit its client’s functional and economic program of needs and must also provide a living environment by both its interior and exterior environmental design of sufficient aesthetic importance as to improve the daily living conditions of its users. Our professional service is a dedication to preservation of the human factors in all programming and physical-facility design considerations. The “people” to be served are our ultimate clients and we conclude that we must in fact, guard their interest. Human needs must be kept in full view and balanced with the objectives of any project.

We believe that the Architect must recognize a responsibility to the community and to the anonymous majority viewers as well as the immediate users of the building he/she designs. We make a special effort to insure that each of our works is an asset to the visual as well as functional environment of its community.

Our professional endeavor is to produce buildings of a high architectural standard which manifest a timeless, lasting quality that can either generate a dynamic and individual visual statement, if desired, or can be creatively blended into the fabric of its context.

Our work manifests a sensitive environmental consideration relative to siting relationships and orientation as well as preservation of natural conditions and ecologically important features. We have historically pursued a design philosophy of concern for energy conservation through a wide variety of active and passive systems as may be easily discerned from a study of our executed projects.

We strive to create fresh interior environments incorporating excellent acoustics, visual and functional spaciousness, energy conservation with optimum climate control and concern for ideal non-glare lighting conditions.

We have demonstrated in completed projects that a creative combination of the elements of color, space, light, and sensitive combinations of materials and furnishings can provide an inviting character and enhance the human-use purposes of the building, serving both employees and visiting citizens.

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