Civic and Community Architecture

Civic projects have provided Aaron Green Associates with the opportunity to apply our architectural philosophy and strategies at a larger scale and to a broader user spectrum.  Each of our projects reflect a unique response and solution, a deliberate effort to combine environmental sensibility and  construction practicality with tangible/appreciable qualities in the form of natural lighting, open space and volume, and dissolving the line between indoors and out.  Our designs have been strong and bold, where civic distinction and identity called for such, as well as quietly contextual, yet individual, in order to blend along with residential neighborhoods, as is sometimes the case.

As a result, our efforts have provided pleasant, enjoyable working environments as well as service facilities that are valued and well-used by the public.  We aspire for all of our civic work to serve as an asset to the community and a source of civic pride.

Union City
Civic Center
Union City City of Newark
Civic Ctr. Additions
Newark, CA City of Newark
Main Library
Newark, CA City of Newark
Community Center
Newark, CA
Fire Station #6
Hayward, CA Merced County
Los Banos, CA Main Library
Sausalito, CA Corporation Yard
Sausalito, CA Santa Clara
Peace Officer's Association
Cupertino, CA

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