This project exemplifies that the successful building is one which makes the site more beautiful than before it was built.  It began with an absolutely flat, desolate 12-acre site.  Aaron G. Green Associates assumed the challenge to design not only the Civic Center buildings but the park surrounding them as well.  Both were executed concurrently.

The upper level of the Administration Building houses the office of the Mayor, City Council Chambers, City Manager, Personnel, Finance, Public Works and Administration areas.  The lower level houses the Police Department (approx. 18,500 sqft. per floor).  Interior spaces of the main level are relatively free of structural walls that allow open office planning, with moveable acoustical partitions.  Pleasant, natural daylighting fills main level work spaces from a continuous clerestory window that terminates the sloping ceiling.  A generously sized skylighted garden lobby is open to public use in conjunction with Council Chambers, restrooms and lounge.  The 40 foot long skylight rolls open to expose the Japanese-style garden to the sky in good weather and for pleasant cross-ventilation.

The two-story Administration Building was positioned within the level site, then the earth mounded and sculptured around it.  This provided on-grade access to the upper level and covered 65% of the lower level with insulating earth bank.  Earth for fill was obtained by excavation for the lagoon, creating usable landscaped area and enhancing visual characteristics.  The sculptured contours of the site provide interest and relief from the flat surrounding area and relate to the distant hills.

The Union City Library (13,800 sq.ft.) is an independent facility, separated from the Administration Building by an attractively landscaped plaza with a fountain.  It houses a collection of over 50,000 books and provides a large meeting room allocated for public use.

In conjunction with this project, Aaron G. Green Associates designed bridges, site furniture, bus stops, environmental signage, and graphic design for the City stationery.

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