This unbuilt project was for a highly detailed Master Plan indicating ultimate development of a 42 acre site as a basis for progressive scheduling of construction of facilities to satisfy training, professional and recreational requirements of the Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association (SCCPOA).  The Association was to function as a central non-profit agency, organized from all the elements of law enforcement within the county, and dedicated to the establishment of a professional society through education, training and recreation for its members.  The Association would also serve the community by providing extensive programs and facilities for youth guidance and development.

The SCCPOA was to primarily consist of three main functional components:

1)  The Woelffel Youth Center---a multi-purpose facility containing a large social gathering space, various work shops, a kitchen and classroom for a total enclosed area of 14,500 s.f.  Directly adjacent, a full-size gymnasium containing locker rooms, steam room, work-out and weight rooms for a total enclosed area of 15,500 s.f.  Outdoor areas contained tennis, handball, volleyball and basketball courts, baseball fields, a quarter-mile track and a 25-meter swimming pool.

2)  The Police Officers' Training Academy---a cluster of buildings containing classrooms; offices; a large multi-purpose space with conference rooms, a mock courtroom, demountable stage and small kitchen; a lecture hall; library and police museum; dormitory complex for 120 persons--total enclosed area of 55,110 s.f.

3)  The Association Building---facility containing a dining area for 500 members, outdoor dining terrace, snack bar, kitchen and service areas, recreation room with fireplace, offices for a total enclosed area of 34,460 s.f.

The presentation renderings for this project were prepared by John Howe, a long-time associate and Chief Draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright, who for three years was  a member of the Aaron Green Associates office.

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