The library is the visual focal point in the civic center master plan, isolated from other site traffic and nestled within a pleasantly landscaped city park.  The form and scale designed to be transitional to contiguous residential areas.  It is well-used and much enjoyed by City residents, as well as Library staff.  The building is a source of pride for the community and has served the needs of a wide variety of community events and library gatherings.

The design develops visual interest using expressed structural engineering, bold geometric forms and straightforward presentation of basic materials.  The plan separates functional areas, easily identifiable to the user, within an expansive open volume.  The open quality of the design allows for flexibility of use and ease of supervision by library staff.  The 15,000 s.f. building was sited for best passive energy orientation.  Both muted skylights and controlled indirect high intensity lighting units provide glare-free illumination.

Construction of the building utilizes materials chosen for their aesthetic, as well as utilitarian characteristics and are such that will require little or no maintenance.  An integrally tan colored, split-face concrete block masonry predominates.  The roof is of heavy timber/wood frame construction using architectural glu-laminated beams to dramatic effect.  Flat, clay shingle tiles cover the roof.  Floors are integrally terra cotta colored clay quarry tile over concrete slab and employ an imbed "Air-Floor" cavity type air distribution system.  Naturally colored sand finish cement plaster covers soffits and facias at the exterior; acoustical veneer plaster on ceilings for the interior.  Millwork throughout is oak.

All interior furnishings were designed by the Architect in order to harmonize both functionally and aesthetically with the library.

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