Aaron G. Green Associates were presented with the opportunity to generate a creative new idea for this fire station project, by request of City officials.  A unique design was submitted.  The architectural concept presented entirely opened up the dark warehouse that typically characterizes an apparatus room.  The design of the main structure itself was a strong square form for the central drive-through apparatus room intended to be constructed of concrete masonry and capped by a corresponding deeply overhanging “level” roof with upturned plaster soffits edged with metal trim.  Rising from the center was a distinctive funnel-shaped roof, supported by thin structural “fins” filled with glass between.  The apparatus room and adjacent spaces were to be bathed with natural daylighting in support of the activities to be conducted within.  In one location, a spiral stair wound up to an observational platform oriented towards the airfields beyond.  Rather than placing living spaces directly above, the broad site allowed for an extensions on opposite sides of the apparatus room which would serve the needs and functions of a continuously occupied facility.  One wing was occupied by an office, kitchen, day activity space and an enclosed terrace with planting; the opposite side contained the more private, quieter dormitory with twelve screened beds, built-in desks, lockers and toilet facilities.

Abruptly, City Administration experienced a dramatic personnel change midway through the design process and new officials decided to move the project in a more conservative design direction.  Aaron G. Green Associates were requested to prepare an alternate design as a result.  The floor plan arrangement was kept largely intact, but with noticeable elevation modifications.  The most significant difference was that the revision involving the circular roof and continuous clerestory window.  In response to the City’s wishes, the roof became a simple, broad, dominant gabled form folded over the apparatus warehouse, extending low to the ground as possible in a strategy to visually reduce the typical mass of such building.  The gabled ends above the garage doors were then filled with glass in order to introduce natural daylighting into the apparatus room beyond.

Structural walls are a mixture of cast-in-place and site pre-cast, tilt-up, reinforced concrete, finished and exposed to view.  Floors are integrally colored concrete with radiant heating. The gabled roof is  finished with clay tile.  Exterior soffits and fascias are colored cement plaster.  Total floor area is 4,600 sqft.

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Hayward Airport
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