The Dukes Residence is a tour de force of architectural integrity: the finest craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to details, all orchestrated by Aaron Green.

Skillfully designed to integrate wholly within its site, the single story residence stretches out comfortably upon a lush setting of approximately two acres offering rural tranquility and magnificent views of the San Gabriel mountains.

The floor plan is arranged according to a unique diamond-shaped organizational module, allowing a naturally flowing movement of space directed along 120° angled corners.  Entry to the residence is off the broad auto court, the lines of sweeping low roof lead to a shaded, recessed reentrant corner flanked by solid masonry walls and reached by a series of broad steps.  The entry hall beyond the front door is flooded with natural light from a glass enclosed inner atrium garden, which is shared by all bedrooms which wrap around on one side and the living room on the opposite.  A gently sloped, diamond shaped folded roof hovers overhead encompassing all bedrooms under its lower sides, providing intimate scaling and privacy.  The master bath contains a unique custom designed diamond-shaped sunken bath tub with mitred glass window opening to a view of the garden.  The Japanese style fish pool on the opposite side of the glass visually extends the water line of the tub to the exterior, creating a natural sense of bathing outdoors.  As the roof rises, a portion extends away and projects beyond the massive fireplace to shelter a generously sized living room.  Built-in seating within an alcove is embraced by wrapping masonry walls, almost cavern-like.  Yet when seated, one faces the sweeping panorama of the view beyond to the mountains through floor-to-ceiling glass running the entire length of  the south elevation.  The space is extended further by a patio and extensive landscaping framing a swimming pool.  A small diamond shaped guest house containing fireplace and bath is privately placed at the opposite end of the residence.

The primary material of the Dukes Residence is buff-colored kaibab stone masonry, both exterior and interior.  Panellings and wood trim are mahoghany; the floors a cream-colored terrazzo.  The roof is sheathed entirely of copper laid in bermuda fashion, with copper wrapping down over the fascia.

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Dukes Residence
Flintridge, California