The plan of the Hicks Residence is comprised of two interlocking triangles, intended to maximize development of an Oakland hills view site that in itself is triangular.

The larger triangle contains the living room, dining area, and kitchen—all open under a vaulted ceiling in plane with the roof.  The smaller triangle contains the master bedroom and bath, as well as a study/guest room.  The entry hall bridges these two forms, with a side of each triangle joined together to form a continuous line completely filled with glass and oriented to a view out over Oakland and the Bay beyond.  Adjacent to the glass wall is a long sundeck which is directly accessible from all rooms.

With the desired one bedroom and one study, the total area of the residence amounts to 1,700 square feet.  But with the vaulted ceilings, the main wall open to view, built-in furniture, and an “open” plan—no walls or doors cutting up the space—the actual interior seems comfortably large.

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Hicks Residence
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