The Haber Residence organizes all social functions under the spreading canopy of a hexagonal shaped tiled roof.  A powerful masonry core at the center serves to distinguish and separate individual functions of the expansive open space.  A massive double-sided fireplace is shared by living room, library and dining area.  On its opposite end is space provided for the mechanical equipment and guest's powder room.  The kitchen is cradled in another corner with windows opening out to landscaped planting areas.  Darkly stained glu-lam beams spread outward from the masonry core and split to each side of the corner mitred glass windows and come to rest upon thick masonry piers.  Roof overhangs             projecting well beyond the walls serve to protect the interior from sun penetration and glare and the element of weather.  Wide wooden decks wrap around the living core of the house extending the space beyond the glazing to the landscaped gardens outdoors.  A translucent skylight at the apex of the hex roof wraps around the masonry core and serves to balance the interior with soft, diffused light.  Custom designed built-in seating and cabinetry serve to unify the architectural concept.  Two gable roofed narrow extension of the residence project from opposing sides of the main hexagon living space.  One serves entirely a service function to organize the pantry, two car garage, workshop and storage.  The other wing houses three bedrooms plus baths and a large study all linked together by a gallery corridor incorporating generous built-in cabinets for storage.  A clerestory window running the length of the roof ridge allows natural daylight to filter down into all rooms.  A work studio doubling as guest room with bath is discreetly attached to the main living core and reached by separate entry.

Construction:  The Haber Residence is wood-framed, primarily stucco on the exterior and painted gypsum board interior with wood trim of either redwood or oak.  "Carmel" type stone masonry is used both inside and out.  The roof is covered by flat terra cotta colored tile.  The residence alone encloses approximately 4,560 square feet.

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Haber Residence
Carmel Valley, California