The Paulsen Residence was designed for a doctor and his young family on a steeply sloping south-facing site within a family estate of considerable acreage.  The prominent site commands a magnificent panarama over a valley surrounded by rolling, oak covered hills.  The sweeping view became a integral feature in the planning and design of the house

The client desired the use of natural materials--specifically adobe and redwood--and harmonious textures and patterns to blend in this beautiful tree covered setting; also a feeling of coziness and warmth, yet spaciousness--thus the living room designed as a series of alcoves.

Special emphasis was given to the doctor's hobby of painting in the creation of a private artist's studio with separate entry and for hanging paintings in the extended bedroom wing gallery.

The "T" floor plan arrangement is conducive to channelling traffic directly from the entrance to the appropriate destination.  To the left from the entry stretches the private and intimately scaled bedroom wing.  On the right, one is drawn into the vaulted, open light-filled volume of the combined living and dining room and music alcove.  Upon entering, one is presented with the broad panorama of the surrounding wooded hills.

The construction is exposed, direct and bold in statement of form, purpose and material.  Walls and roof supporting masonry piers are angled to provide views in two directions. The roof is gabled and T&G decking is exposed within the interior.  The gable ends are glazed, allowing soft, reflected light to filter down into the innermost reaches of the main living space.  A flat, visorlike roof circles the perimeter of the house providing deep overhangs where necessary to protect the interior from penetrating sun and glare.  The floors are integrally colored concrete or flagstone and incorporate a hydronic system of radiant heating.  Built-in cabinets, furnishings, accessories and landscape design were closely integrated to establish a quiet, restful and inspiring environment.

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Paulsen Residence
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