Located on a cliffside site overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Anderson Residence is an open house with a strong sense of shelter.  The house makes it possible for the owner to experience an enriching spatial quality coupled with a wide range of views of the natural setting.  Walls, ceilings, floors--all same inside as outside--serve to blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors.  They have been planned as one continuous area.  A broad, deeply overhanging gabled roof seems to float above the living spaces it contains giving a sense of being in the open, yet sheltered and protected.

The house plan is "L" shaped and bent into a 45° angle due to the irregular boundaries of the site and natural features.  The two wings serve to embrace a broad outdoor terracing containing a swimming pool.  One wing contains all three bedrooms, all opening out to a private walled garden.  Several steps lead down into the master bedroom with its own massive stone fireplace and redwood panelled walls while opposite glass extending to the gabled ceiling provides a dramatic view of the ocean. 

The other wing is a continuous volume of space emanating from the entry, partitioned into the more communal living areas of the kitchen, dining and living functions.  Angled walls serve to lend visual separation while the folded planes of the gabled ceiling creates an interrupted line linking all spaces and leading the eye once again out to ocean views directly beyond.  The living room is reached down several broad steps, further adding to the articulation and interest of the space.  A massive, broad stone fireplace provides a dominant and pleasing focal point.  Generous built-in seating allows enjoyment of the fireplace as well as views to the outdoors.

The Anderson Residence is wood-framed, primarily redwood "board-on-board" panelling with similar trim.  "Kabob" type stone masonry is used selectively both inside and out.  Ceilings and soffits are of buff colored plaster.  Floors are primarily exposed aggregate concrete with selective areas carpeted.  The residence, sheltered parking and accessory storage enclose approximately 3,000 square feet of space.

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Anderson Residence
Rancho Palos Verde, California