Two steep slopes and a brook are the challenging features of this heavily wooded lot on the palisades of the Potomac River.  A special effort was made to keep the quarter-acre site in it's natural state.  The design solution was to suspend the residence above the ravine and allow the creek to flow naturally beneath.  Only two trees were cut to make room for the structure, leaving the house nestled snugly amongst the forest of vegetation rising from the ravine floor.  The 2,200-square foot house's top floor, which contains a cathedral-ceilinged living room, dining area and kitchen, is level with the street.  A spiral staircase leads below to three bedrooms and a study.

Cedar panelling predominates on both exterior and interior, with plaster ceilings and soffits containing indirect lighting.  All interior built-in cabinetry and furnishings were designed or selected in order to harmonize with the building design.

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Moss-Rosenbaum Residence
District of Columbia