St. Stephen Catholic Church is located among rolling knolls on the eastern part of a sloping 10-acre site.  The Church was designed to provide a beautiful, contemporary structure that is functional and reasonably economical, incorporating use of materials with low maintenance characteristics.  As part of the Parish Complex Master Plan, the Church is the central focal point for other facilities, accommodating the spiritual, social and educational needs of all age groups of the Catholic Community.  The architectural character is simple, dignified, but an elevating solution, expressing religious character, and in sympathy with the site and its surroundings.  The Church is a source of price for the parishioners and an architectural credit to the community.

The Church (14,500 s.f.) was the first phase component of the Master Plan prepared by Aaron G. Green Associates.  Future additions shown included a Rectory (6,000 s.f.), Convent (6,000 s.f.) and small scale Parochial School (14,000 s.f.).

The Church seats 500 currently and includes 6 classrooms for CCD religious education as an interim use until future school is constructed.  When non-structural partitions are removed, Nave volume is increased and full church capacity of 800 seats will be realized.  All liturgical furnishings and landscape design by Aaron Green.

Textured concrete blocks, dry head-joint type, core-reinforced and grouted solid are used in integrally color pigmented bearing walls.  Roof is tension supported by steel prow member which develops dominant form of Church on exterior and interior, creating dramatic space-form in sanctuary area as a natural result of the structural system.

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St. Stephen
Catholic Church

Walnut Creek, California

Catholic Diocese of Oakland