The design is a successful response to a challenging, ambitious and complex program for an addition to the existing older rectory building; in effect, doubling its original size while still maintaining the residential character and pleasant human scale.

An entirely new building containing pastoral offices were added directly to the south with an entry lobby, courtyard and gardens splitting between.

The older rectory, once freed of the office spaces it could no longer could contain, was restored to its former residential luster.  The second story, consisting of bedrooms, library and baths, was restored, remodeled and fixtures upgraded.  It was added to as well, with bedroom/sitting room extensions reaching out in both north and south directions.

The final result is a satisfying seamless series of restorations and additions completely sympathetic to the existing Mediterranean/Spanish architectural style of the original building.

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Rectory Addition
St. John Vianney

Walnut Creek, CA