The Parish Center (22,000 sq.ft.) incorporates spaces serving the congregation and surrounding community.  These includes a full-size gymnasium, a large multi-purpose room, commercial kitchen, classrooms, pastoral offices, a religious/educational library, staff lounge and conference rooms.

It represents the Second Phase component of a Master Plan developed by Aaron G. Green Associates and stands adjacent to the Main Church for St. Joan of Arc, completed earlier by the firm.

The design successfully minimized the bulkiness of the gymnasium, typically a massive, boxlike building, which otherwise would have over-powered and over-shadowed the existing church as well as the adjacent residential neighborhood.  This was accomplished by a combination of a folding pitched roof form configuration, which shears down at the outside corners, and by siting, which recesses a portion of the building into the existing slope.

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St. Joan of Arc
Parish Center

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Catholic Diocese of Oakland