Located high in the coastal range, Bai Ling Yuan II is an approximately five acre burial development on a gently sloping site with expansive views west towards the Pacific Ocean and east over the Crystal Springs Reservoir. 

The site was especially chosen and burials specifically oriented by a prominent feng shui master.  The client expressed wishes that cemetery architectural elements identify strongly with traditional Chinese architectural forms, patterns and colors in an effort to establish a bridge of continuity and familiarity across the two continents.  Massive, monumental arches and low masonry fences incorporate proportions, patterns and symbology abstracted through research of appropriate Chinese type.  In addition, traditionally patterned and carved granite sculptural elements imported from China will  be incorporated into the arch features and other locations throughout the development.  The Central Plaza, located at the highest elevation, contains special family interment as well as sufficient open space area for the performance of ceremonies and rites.

Construction:  Cast-in-place retaining walls and fence pedestals incorporating especially, given a light sandblast finish.  Low fence wall and post system encircling entire development consist of integrally colored and patterned precast concrete designed to imbue the project with an abstracted Chinese architectural character.  Custom designed fountain features and other ancillary units are of precast concrete.

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Bai Ling Yuan II Chinese Cemetery
Skylawn Memorial Park
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