The two-story circular mausoleum is an innovative design for the building type.  The circle is one of the most stable of all building forms and since the building was constructed in an earthquake prone area, this consideration was most practical.  Symbolically, the circle represents an infinitely curving line and a reoccurring cycle, ending as it began--an expression befitting the cycle of life.

The design develops visual interest using expressed structure, bold geometric forms and straightforward presentation of basic materials.  The open quality of the design allows for flexibility of use and ease of circulation by the viewing public.

A circular domed skylight opens directly to the sky electronically, allowing pleasant natural air-conditioning and creating a generous light-filled volume of space.  As the sun and clouds move throughout the day, they present a dramatic interplay of light and shadow upon its interior surfaces.  Daylight is invited into the building by extensive use of glass along the outer perimeter.

The entrance rotunda contains the most dramatic features: a monumental winding staircase, lush planting, and full height windows establishing a strong visual connection with the landscaped grounds of the Memorial Park and rolling hills just beyond.

A central landscaped interior garden together with numerous other "island" planters and fountains provide an attractive atmosphere for family and visitors for family and visitors to reflect upon the memories of their loved ones.

2,200 crypts exquisitely adorned with Italian marbles and granites are housed in the Circle of Peace Mausoleum.  1,450 niches have been incorporated into the structure with space allotted for an additional 7,000 niches for future development.

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Circle of Peace Mausoleum and Columbarium
Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park
Hayward, California