The South Chapel was an early component for a cemetery master-planned by Aaron G. Green Associates.  It is a simple building planned to provide a dignified gathering space for funerary services within the memorial park.

The building is designed in a manner strongly reminiscent of early California Mission style architecture, yet given a more contemporary interpretation.

A trellised arcade serves as both a porte cochere side entry to the chapel as well as a covered connection to a columbarium structure at the opposite end.

Thick site-cast reinforced concrete comprises all walls for the complex, as befitting the need for permanence within a cemetery.  Decorative elements are of integrally colored precast concrete.  A solid wood panelled door assembly fills the semi-circular main entry to the chapel.  It is rendered as a boldly designed geometric tapestry with flat areas and some molded trim wrapped with sheet brass and accented by cut-out center openings filled with amber glass.

At the soffit of the deeply recessed entry is a concealed accent light that runs the full perimeter of the arched opening.  When lit in the evening, it highlights  the wall with a diffused glow.

Exposed timber roof beams bear directly upon the wall which is arched at the top as well.  The space created within the roof gable by this intersection of curved and planar elements is filled with amber colored glass, bathing the entry inside with pleasant warm light.

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South Chapel Addition
Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park
Hayward, California