The Student Union will be the student’s own building—for relaxing, recreation, and socializing, as well as containing Student Government and Newspaper offices.  It is located along the physical border between the academic and housing areas—a stream in a natural ravine--directly adjacent to the Dining Pavilion.  There is inviting plaza with arbor and seating in the “front yard” of the building, from which one accesses the entry to the Student Union.

The Main Floor will contain a Café area, a small General Store, and a large Game Room for billiards, Ping Pong, and the like.  At the center of the main floor is an expansive Great Room Lounge—a voluminous social space with a freestanding, monumental fireplace and capped by a large, translucent pyramidal skylight.

One end of  Lower Level Floor contains a Multipurpose space for dances, parties, gatherings, etc.  The opposite side contains all of the student government and media offices, meeting rooms, and group study rooms.

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Student Union
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