The traditional school library has become the Information and Learning Resource Center for the Academy.  In addition to traditional books and periodicals, there will now be an impressive facility devoted to all facets of digital technology.  The building will house the campus network operation and multi-media center for long distance, Internet and video conference learning.

The Main Level will contain the book stacks for 40,000 volumes, chairs and tables for reading, individual study carrels (equipped with digital terminals), as well as staff workroom, circulation desk, conference rooms and group study rooms.  The stacks and general reading area will be positioned within a domed volume at the Library’s center.  They will have the advantage of diffused natural daylight from a translucent insulated skylight system at the dome’s peak and a lower band of encircling clerestory windows.

Two lower levels contain classrooms and workrooms that will be dedicated to Digital/Information Technology, as well as a larger, assembly-type Seminar Room.  In addition, there will be a broadcast studio and control room for the student’s existing closed-circuit channel.

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Library/Media Center
American Hebrew Academy
Greensboro, NC

Currently in Construction Documentation Phase
Spring 2004