The development contains approximately 40,000 square feet of space housing medical, dental and optical offices and a clinical laboratory.  At the center of the site is a small pavilion-like building designed and operated as a pharmacy.

The single-story structures are somewhat informally arranged around the central driveway and a circular parking arrangement for 200 cars.  Somewhat residential in scale and character, the intent was to create a pleasant and familiar surroundings which would place people at ease, rather than other conventional sterile clinical environments which are associated with illness and unpleasant situations.

Each building complex is anchored by a dominant square plan form which serves as main entry and reception lobby for the various offices housed in long "wings" which radiate out from the corners.  At the center of the plan is a garden atrium, viewed from the reception area via floor-to-ceiling glazing yet open to the outdoors above.  The opposite exterior walls are lined with built-in comfortable seating with windows above glazed in amber glass, softening the light which enters the room.  At the exterior, the windows are shuttered with wood panels perforated in geometric patterns.  A fireplace within the reception area adds a comfortable touch of home to the experience.

Construction is primarily an integrally red colored, textured concrete block.  Floors are terra cotta colored concrete and employ an imbedded hydronic system of radiant heating.  Naturally colored sand finish plaster and acoustical plaster cover ceilings and soffits.  Interior ceilings slope upward along the roof line which provides a spacious character.

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